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Visiting family in Lincolnshire for the weekend, Tallulah has spent much of the time enthusiastically riding the family rocking horse, it was first my Great Uncle Jack's dated 1905 and Tallulah is the 4th generation to still enjoy it.

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Belated Christmas & Birthday Gift to me! MamiyaRB7MamiyaRB7

For those of you who don't know or can't read whats written on the camera is a Mamiya RB67, a gift I have bought myself for a joint Birthday/Christmas present. She (definitely a girl!) is a pro S and was made between 1974 and 1990 (not searched her family history yet) and is completely manual, as in everything is mechanical and adjusted by hand, there is not a single battery involved!

I have bought her for 3 reasons really. Firstly she has the same initials as me, secondly I just love the engineering and design wonderment of being able to see every bit move as you make an adjustment and finally, as much as anyone else have become a slight victim of the overshooting curse of digital. This is not me saying I won't take as many photographs as I have done, if anything I will probably take more, but I want to reinforce the disciplines of patience, consideration and restraint. This applies more to my personal work than commissions but there is less of a distinct line between those two these days, it can be all too easy to fill several 4GB memory cards (about 130 frames on a Canon 5D mk3) only to have to edit down the results once back in the studio. With medium format film it is over £2 each time you press the shutter, something that certainly focus the mind on the job at hand!!

I doubt I'll be shooting very many family portrait commissions with the RB67 but who knows I might fire of a few polaroids during a shoot as a rather unique memento of the wonder that is engineering and chemistry  is this digital age. 

n.b. I feel a sense of irony that I took these images with my iPhone! Image-making is image-making in the end!

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I'm not a Gear-Head but......... Blog_130115-4Blog_130115-4 Blog_130115-2Blog_130115-2 Blog_130115-3Blog_130115-3

January is my usual time for looking back over the images from the year before and I have noticed a change this year. I'm generally not a "gear-head" photographer, ok I can get lost in a good sales flyer from The Flash Centre or Calumet, but since I pay my bills and feed my children with my cameras I tend to demand they generate money for me rather than being a slave to them! That all being said, looking back over the images I shot in 2014, I can distinctly see the influence of a single piece of kit that I purchased early in the year. The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid RX has allowed me to shoot on location, single handedly, quickly, safely and with minimal interruption to my clients. I always shoot on location, but that may mean setting up a studio at a clients home or using their home as the set, but this year, more than ever before, we can head off into the woods or across the fields without this being any sort of drama.

Blog_130115-1Blog_130115-1 Blog_130115-9Blog_130115-9 Blog_130115-6Blog_130115-6

The Quadra is so light, small and robust that I can take it with a Portalite Octa softbox on a light stand, power pack on one shoulder, camera bag on the other. Powerful enough to use in full summer sunshine but small enough and with a simple interface that the shoot remains about the subjects and not setting up the gear. I just need to get the adaptor to allow me to use the rest of the Elinchrom modifiers. Well done Elinchrom you have got his one pretty much spot on.

Here are a few images from this year lit with the Quadra, I'd love to know your thoughts and what piece of kit has made the biggest difference to the way you take photographs?

Blog_130115-5Blog_130115-5 Blog_130115-8Blog_130115-8 Blog_130115-7Blog_130115-7



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sunrise and Thor IMG_3109.JPGIMG_3109.JPG

it's such a filthy day here in Malmesbury and as I forgot to share this yesterday here is Thor at sunrise, my counsellor in his office! #dogwalktherapy #iphone #malmesbury

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Holiday Competition Hello and festive cheer to you all.

I am having a little Facebook competition for you all over the holiday's. I have picked 4 of my favourite photographs from the year and I want all of you to vote on your favourite. Please pop over to my Facebook page (if your not already there!) and 'like' your favourite image.

The image that get the most 'likes' by the end of the year - 23:59:59 GMT. Will earn the those who's shoot it was a 16"x12" fine art print of the image. I am also going to be entering these same 4 images into the Royal Photographic Society 365 Review of the year competition so I appreciate all the feedback I can get. Here are the images in no particular order.

And here is a link to the album on Facebook for all the 'likes'

Edwards_305Edwards_305 Heath-Arnold_298Heath-Arnold_298 Poulton_Shevchenko_327Poulton_Shevchenko_327 Tomlinson_334Tomlinson_334


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Landy Thinking IMG_3066.JPGIMG_3066.JPG

I may not own a Landy at the moment but it does not mean I don't think like I still have one!! Of to the dump we go!

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Winter Solstice IMG_3062.JPGIMG_3062.JPGWinter Solstice from Glastonbury Tor. #dogwalktherapy

Winter Solstice from Glastonbury Tor. #dogwalktherapy #iphone

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#dogwalktherapy Westhay, Somerset Levels IMG_3043.JPGIMG_3043.JPG IMG_3049.JPGIMG_3049.JPG IMG_3050.JPGIMG_3050.JPG

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XMAS_2014 XMAS_2014XMAS_2014


Merry Christmas to you all. 2 Frozen obsessed daughters made our Chrisutmas card an obvious choice and let me play with some magical fake snow!


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"Green & Pleasant Land" IMG_0011IMG_0011


"Green and pleasant land"

#dogwalktherapy #iphone


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Tri-Horn Scarlett Tri-Horn ScarlettTri-Horn Scarlett

Lesser Spotted Tri-Horned Scarlett.

This morning Scarlett asked for 3 bunches - Mummy obliged - this was shot at 5pm, still 3 bunches and even if I say so myself, that girls got style! #doityourownway

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xmas2014comp xmas2014comp

"...the tiepins we bring to you and you king....." love her interpretation. Saying that probably more useful than frankincense and myrrh - especially if Jesus got a job where he had to wear a suit!

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Take_A_Break Take_A_BreakTake_A_Break

So I was shooting our Christmas Card this evening............

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Meet Anneliese Bushnell Meet Anneliese Bushnell: Making a bald statement


Rather than let chemotherapy take her hair whilst fighting breast cancer she decided to shave it off - doing it on her terms.


This included a brief hiatus halfway through to 'try out a pink mohawk'.

Anneliese_Bushnell-9Anneliese_Bushnell-9 Anneliese_Bushnell-13Anneliese_Bushnell-13 Anneliese_Bushnell-19Anneliese_Bushnell-19

Anneliese has done this for her own empowerment but also to raise money for The Royal United Hospital's Forever Friends Appeal. They are currently trying to raise the money to build a dedicated cancer unit at the RUH, something I was surprised to know did not exist.

Anneliese_Bushnell-20Anneliese_Bushnell-20 Anneliese_Bushnell-25Anneliese_Bushnell-25 Anneliese_Bushnell-26Anneliese_Bushnell-26

For more on Anneliese and if you can to make a donation, please follow this link:

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X-Crab X-CrabX-Crab

Holme Beach, Norfolk. Ex-Crab on shell. 

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The only way to go feed the ducks!! The only way to go feed the ducks!!The only way to go feed the ducks!!

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Little_Fella! Little_Fella!Little_Fella!

Great shoot this afternoon - portrait shoot on a farm just out side Malmesbury. Whilst driving round the farm to look for locations client suggested the river, so of course we ended up in a river!! Found this little fella though what do you think?

Water was lovely and cool, if I wasn't carrying a camera may have had a lie down!!!

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Barley_Ripening Barley_RipeningBarley_Ripening

The barley is ripening. 

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Summertime_Girls_In_Nature Girls_In_Nature-2Girls_In_Nature-2 Girls_In_Nature-3Girls_In_Nature-3 Girls_In_Nature-4Girls_In_Nature-4 Girls_In_NatureGirls_In_Nature

Family time with 3 girls and a couple of 'Old Dogs" at Westhay Moor, Somerset. Feeling lucky.

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Fun_Sun_Monday Fun_Sun_MondayFun_Sun_Monday

I don't work on Mondays I look after these 2 rascals!!! I used to pretend to clients that I was busy but I have given up on that now, I look after my girls on a Monday and I don't work. But being self employed/freelance I still answer the phone or emails if they look interesting enough!

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